The Marshmallow Dilemma: When is too much of a good thing really too much?

05/12/2011 § 2 Comments

It’s no secret that I have an affinity for marshmallow fluff. Chocolate ice cream with marshmallow fluff, to be exact. According to my mom, I’m practically half chocolate and marshmallow as it is, because that’s all she wanted to eat when she was pregnant with me. So when an opportunity arose to buy a large amount of the good stuff for very cheap, what do you think I did? That’s right, I bought a 3 lb. tub of “marshmallow topping” for $3.00.

Visions of rice-crispy treats and chocolaty sweets danced through my head when I came across it on the shelf. Come to find out, there’s only so many fluffernutters a girl can eat. After a couple of spoonfuls, I was completely fluffed out.

chocolate frozen yogurt with marshmallow topping on a warm spring day. gooey deliciousness!

So now I’ve got this monster of awesomeness sitting in my refrigerator that I want nothing to do with, reminding me that sometimes too much of a good thing really is too much.


Coming soon: 4/20/2011 Macaroni Salad: A Love Story


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