Bait Car: Learning to Take the Good with the Bad.

05/23/2011 § 4 Comments

Today began like any ordinary day; got up, went to work.  There were a few bumps along the way, but for the most part everything was fine, making for a regular day. Around rolled 3:00 p.m. and it was time for me to go home. As I’m walked out of the building I started fumbling around my purse for my keys. I couldn’t seem to locate them, but didn’t really think it odd because I always have that issue. [I call my purse ‘the black hole’.] Anyways, all I was hoping is that I would walk outside and find my car [Ruby] still sitting there.

Aaand.. she was. Phew.

But, my window wasn’t.

all that remains of my passenger window

Oh, and hey! There were my keys! LYING IN THE DRIVERS SEAT.

Apparently, when I left my car this morning my keys did not make it into my purse (big oops), practically making my car thief bait!

Luckily for me, this thief was not very bright. They went to all of the trouble to bust out my window, but just left the keys lying there? Forget having to hot wire the thing, they could have just been gone in no time! Not only did they leave the keys, but there was nothing stolen either. That’s probably because the only thing in my car is a bunch of clothes I was taking to donate. They could have had those for all I care. C’est la vie!

~~On a very positive note, I’d also like to mention Freshly Pressed and how much I appreciate everyone’s support and suggestions for the wine bottle uses! The lovely responses and feedback have far exceeded anything I could have ever asked for. Im so happy to be a part of the WordPress community and honored to have my post featured! A big THANK YOU to everyone!~~

Considering the excitement that’s come since FP, I’ll just add window replacement to my to-do list for tomorrow. No biggie.

I’ve got more content in the work and promise something fun very soon!



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